Dental Implant Recovery

The mention of dental implants procedure generally drives cold shiver through the spine of some people, thinking it is a scary exercise. Fortunately, this teeth-fixing task is not as daunting as it may sound. The initial discomfort which may include pain, swollen of the gum, bruising and minor bleeding will only last a few days (3 to 4 days) after dental surgery. At VIP Dental Implant, we always provide our patients with detailed home care advice to help them have comfort dental implant surgery recovery time. Follow-up visits are also arranged to monitor the progress of dental implant recovery.

How Long Is Dental Implant Recovery?

The dental Implant Recovery time varies from one patient to another base on many factors such as the type of implants, individual medical history, and the general state of health, individual lifestyle, and adherence to ‘at-home instructions’ of the dentists. Since dental implant involves introducing an alien entity (implant) into the body, the body will have to undertake osseointegration, a progressive process during which the implant will fuse or integrate with the surrounding jawbone and tissue to form a strong base for the permanent tooth. Osseointegration lasts for about three to six months. The crown is placed on the abutment only after this period. The time this natural process takes also varies from one person to another. For a single tooth implant, you may have to wait for a few weeks (usually between 5 to 7 weeks) before you can receive the crown. It is only in the ‘Same-day’ procedure that the restoration is placed simultaneously. Done with the general details, let’s take a more detailed look at some factors that may impact the dental implant recovery time.

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The Numbers of Implants You Get

Basically, the number of implants you get will greatly determine the dental recovery process and the recovery time as well. If you received a tooth implant, the dental implant recovery time will be shorter than when you receive multiple teeth implants. This, too, depends on the state of your jawbone; whether you need a bone graft or not is a factor that will ostensibly impact the recovery process and the recovery time. If an initial bone graft is required, the waiting time after the bone graft will usually take some months before the implant can be placed. This allows proper fuse between the bone graft and the jawbone to provide a solid foundation for the incoming implants. Equally, multiple Dental implant recovery times and processes take the same bearing, roving around whether a bone graft is required. The more the number of implants, the longer the dental implant recovery process, as each unit of the teeth may heal at varying degrees.


Is Sinus Lift Required

If a sinus lift is required for a dental implant procedure, this will add up to the dental implant recovery time. A sinus lift is a process that augments the upper jaw with bone. Your dentist may lift the sinus around the molars and premolars to accommodate the additional bone. This process will elongate the recovery process and time.

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Bone Graft process

Bone grafting may become necessary if your dental surgeon discovers that your jawbone is too thin or weak to support the implant. The bone graft will make the total recovery process longer. This usually takes several months to integrate the graft with the jawbone properly.


This process determines the success or failure of a dental implant procedure. The implant (s) must integrate well and fuse with the jawbone. If your body happily receives and accepts the ‘strange’ implant, the osseointegration process occurs faster. But studies have shown that some patients’ body takes time to orientate themselves with the implant(s). This is why the osseointegration process varies from patient to patient. This also affects the dental implant recovery time and recovery process.

The dental implant recovery time and recovery process are not definite, with varying degrees of factors.

Dental Implant Recovery in Houston, TX

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